You will see bellicose plains and ascetic plateaus
—the biblical garden was not in these fields—;
they are lands of the eagle, a piece of the planet
where the shadow of Cain passes through.

Declaration of War - Ejército del Aire

***Die Europäische Zentralbank

We are soldiers of the retro-avant-garde neoliberal model, and our dearest wish is the extinction of humanity. To accomplish this fate as soon as possible, we defend fashion, the expiration, and the constant renewal in technology and design.

We are inspired by the different fields of misanthropy, particularly for the ones calling toward the end of the human race on Planet Earth. Like them, we are not saddened by the fact that the end is inevitable. Instead, we crave for that destiny and promote the options that will let us reach it as fast as possible. Being conscious in the route towards the end, will make us live the final collapse with intense hedonism, giving us the opportunity of developing all the gifts that the universe has blessed humanity with.

What has always motivated exploratory feats, great inventions, and many memorable wars is a crucial part of the essence of humanity: consumerism. In concrete, we invite people to feel proud about this fact because it has led us to the spread of the spirit of curiosity and passion for the New. Any development born in the traditional field of costumes or new media arts, such as new versions of iPads, and any kind of synthesizer or technological devices developed, has to be acquired.

We do not think that this new cyber society, that is replacing the industrial age is a threat to the model. Today, more than ever, the economic crisis has demonstrated the strength and perfection of the system because never before had any organization submitted his will to so many people and in complete peacefulness. The timid movements of semi-industrial manufacturing and re-evaluation of handy-craft, may seem today revolutionary at first, but will eventually end up being an essential part of the system.

Ejército del Aire’s Paradox

Our production techniques, as musicians, are deceptively contrary to our principles, as we have used the full potential of free online tools available in the Internet for producing sounds. We have practically not consumed but created in a ‘handmade’ way. We have used, therefore, the tools that threaten the system… but to prove how powerful it is. The beloved model will absorb cyber technology and the new media: current facts give us the reason. We live a superior system, the last stage of evolution. The End of History, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the rise of Die Europäische Zentralbank, all of them are the perfect gears to achieve our cosmic and sacred goal: disappearing as the stars.

We know that the new technologies will not lead to the only necessary auto consumption to live, and, therefore, to the destruction of this perfect system. No, humanity is not like that. We are sure that fashion and seduction will destroy this threaten and will make us consume more than ever. That is why, despite our musical methods, we remain consistent because we do not care about the medias but for the objectives, as any ideological fanatic would act.

Declaration of War - Ejército del Aire  If the end is inevitable, why not make it in a vital and individual way? Yes, because fashion is not about masses, as the old-fashioned Marxist theories think, it is about individualism. This human tendencies towards continuous change and dissatisfaction are crucial for progress (as we conceive it). At the same time, this human indetermination takes us away from materialism because today, more than ever, we are able to quickly leave objects without any attachment (including the greater object: planet Earth).

As fashion has multiplied the choices, it has forced us to be always informed. In this way, we are more malleable and permeable to change, something necessary for any society that has its sights set on the future. But what kind of future are we talking about? Hiper technologized, and with people dreaming, like in science fiction, with the possibility of spreading their self-destructive seeds into space.

This self-destructive instinct, whose principal tool is consumerism, is deeply rooted in the essence of the human race, therefore, the only way to be truly consistent is joining our army. We want you: be part of Ejército del Aire. Fight with us.

Ejército del Aire (EDA)
Barcelona, November 2013